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I have a buried romanticized secret —

a notion in which I came from a long line

of radiant, regal witches who loved to cook.

I have a buried romanticized secret —

a notion in which these witches expel

that stagnant water that stained my soul.

But what of my ancestors? Were they

simple farmers who drank copiously

and scraped for a living, heavy minds,

anchored by chores?

And what they did say around pots with

mint tea, behind needlepoint, to keep their

souls alive? Were they guardians of a way?

Were they terribly oppressed?

I have this hopeful, wild feeling that —

their gatherings were contrary and subversive,

in disobedient glory, by hot fires.


Helen has a fine arts degree from St. Michael's College, Vermont and after the birth of her children, left a successful career in marketing to write and paint. She has been published in literary magazines and is currently working on a book of poetry about healing from a ski accident. When she is not busy developing her craft, she teaches yoga and ayurvedic cooking classes.


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