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Twelve of us dropped our pale feet against the ground 

on your orders thinking between the lines of a silk edged 

rope that perhaps despite your stories of heroism and 

rebirth that even the gods cannot change the fate pill bottle

prescribed to them so why had we hoped to medicate ours 

into submission exchanging flattery and lips for beggars’ 

bone and blood to be taken as the kind of payment men 

accept split down the middle so that words and actions all 

beget their double meanings and detrimental side effects 

are valued in themselves as value and its prices imprint  

themselves on our eyelids with the same cursed coin you 

wrested from us leaving our white throats blue with bruises

ransom to a riverboat over hate you plan carefully your 

tariffs and exchange rates twelve lives for honors hardly 

a price to pay—

after all, the poets say we struggled for a little, not very long.*

*From Homer's Odyssey


Jordan Davidson is a student of Humanities and Physics at Yale University with aspirations of genetically engineering large, centipede-like rabbits to be used for world domination. Just kidding. Or is she? Her work has previously been published by Zombies Need Brains, Gingerbread House, and CORTEX Collective, among others, and is upcoming in Ionosphere and Corvid Queen.


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