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in the equipoise

No way to wander away 

from self-meditative glow:

home sweet home where path/arrival has no

where to go : mating unseen & beholding in

the equipoise— 

where secret mantra silence inner-hears

noise or no noise, 

unconfused by senseshell-relative centrality:

experienced directly clear 

through all diversity... 

all at once (never elsewhere) I AM identity:

in the equipoise of [your] egoless deity,

immune to post & pre : blissful wisdom

letting thoughts calm voluntarily, witnessing

lifetimelessness where eyes can’t look to see:

in the equipoise of mindgem hollow that’s holy,

GodLove kicking lazy out of AH effortlessly—

in the equipoise of mindcloud/GodSky centrally;

in the equipoise of wisdom-eye unliddedly;

in the equipoise of Constant mating Presently:

in the equipoise of I AM 

no known name can be.


Ken Goodman synthesizes ecstatic meditation & poetry creation. And he does it in Cleveland.


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