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I pray to Dionysus— 

begging him to walk me through his vineyard

Asking him to sew me to his thigh and make me twice-born too

I fear he is the only one who will truly understand

I offer him the last sip of every wine bottle 

And he will craft my very own drinking cup

He’ll tell me of the lover he grieves 

How loss concaves into surrender 

His body turned to leaves 

How it was from that vine 

That Dionysus first made wine 

Feet outrunning the mourning 

Just by thinking of running

I pray to Dionysus— 

The only God who has proven himself to me 

The only God to give me retribution

I offer him alternating sips of my Pinot, 

Drunk tears collected in a bottle and 

Worst fears in pairs


Meredith Brown is a queer poet based in Austin, Texas. Her work reflects on the minute and the growing pains of both childhood and adulthood (with a focus on light and love). Previously published works can be found in Soul Talk Magazine, Glaze Zine, Heartbalm Lit, Dipity Literary Magazine, Palindrome Journal, and Mid-Level Management Literary Magazine.


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