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Conception of the Demigod

For you, I’d stand sacrificial on the plinth, 

neck first. 

Perhaps the gravest worship 

Is an oncoming death. My willingness to 

Spill. I will be–

Blood, running, head 



Limbs swollen splinter thin 

Lit in 

sacrificial fire lying, imaginary on your lap, 

No longer virginal. 

My last pleasure would consume me. 

See, non-corporeal lover of horror and me, 

You blissful sorrow-eater, 

It is right to love between your teeth, 

Natural to consume.


Jordan Davidson is a student of Humanities and Physics at Yale University with aspirations of genetically engineering large, centipede-like rabbits to be used for world domination. Just kidding. Or is she? Her work has previously been published by Zombies Need Brains, Gingerbread House, and CORTEX Collective, among others, and is upcoming in Ionosphere and Corvid Queen.


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