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Yes, It Really Happened

Those who debunk the supernatural

can’t have ever experienced it

When I read about Blake seeing the soul of his brother

rise up through the ceiling clapping with joy

I remember thinking… Did this really happen?

Wasn’t it just his imagination? Surely it must have been

After all, he chatted to an angel while he and his wife

sat naked in their garden in Peckham

Am I really expected to believe all that?

And yet he wrote poems we still recite and sing today

I was dubious I must admit until my wife died

Being a Buddhist, her body should not be moved

The police wouldn’t have it. Were quite adamant

Said I had to phone an undertaker right away

When I explained that this was a matter of faith

they called their supervisor, who finally arrived

even younger-looking than them but understood

gave his permission as long as it was just three days

At first lamas and friends came and chanted

while candles flickered and incense burnt

On the second night, going to bed I stopped

Decided to sit quietly beside her

There I soon became aware of a brightness

I looked around for a source. Maybe the streetlights?

No, the blinds were down. It was nothing I could see

Then I saw the light was moving upwards

I breathed in and realized what I’d been told was true

This was her consciousness leaving her body

rippling like small waves moving towards a shore

upwards gently without a sound


Dai Vaughan lives in Glasgow, in the West of Scotland, having moved there from the Western Isles. He’s an artist and poet. His main subjects are travel and the esoteric. He’s published seven books and has given several readings in the city. He has a website,, and lived and worked with his wife Jenny, also an artist and writer, for fifty-four years until her death in April 2022. Some of their work can be seen at


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