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Theurgy and magnetic sphere

There is a guiding light. A path towards a healthier and more compassionate self. It is a star self, a light held together by its own gravity. It is easily understood by all cultures that the brain responds well to a deity related to light (or weightlessness).

In Vajrayana Buddhism, a Yidam is a symbol used as a vehicle to help understand inner space by visualization. There are other reflective symbols similar to the Yidam that are associated with the Russian Eastern Orthodox icons. These are paintings that have a thaumaturge effect, which is a type of gravitational healing power within the viewer. More devices include the Dine sand paintings and the Vèvè of Vodun. These are all ways to connect to planetary influences to empower a practitioner’s use of managing gravitational forces as a remedy.

Aspirations towards the well-being of others and one’s own health are a mature intention. A devoted routine of concentration on any symbol, any deity, or any word can generate a magnetic relationship. This friendly association with a visualized goal opens one up to a field of force. This magnetic relationship involves imagining a future self that provides guidance to a present self.


Mitchell Pluto lives in Western Montana. Pluto's work focuses on spontaneity and non-ordinary states of awareness. Mitchell's work includes painting with oils and acrylics, as well as assembling collages often to explore unrehearsed arrangements. His fictional avant-garde books From The Eclipse and Cadaver Dogs merge themes of space travel, psychic exploration, and critical thinking. Pluto makes handmade jewelry with his wife at Gypsy Moon Designs and has paintings across the United States, Canada, Chile, Egypt, and Portugal.


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