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The Search

Does darkness have an inherent appeal that lures one to her own destruction? Do we leave the life of light and clarity just to get lost in a world of hidden ugliness? She is barefooted, unprepared. An ugly bird guards the path to the world unknown. Yet she is determined to walk in.  

Does she know of the large venomous black spider waiting silently near the ground, counting the moments until someone walks in so it can spread its poison into her blood? Will she lie blue and dead as she tries to get into that uncertain world?

But darkness also shrouds the untrodden beauties tucked beyond our sight. That grass outside is green and the sky is blue. The large patch of calmness speaks of a safe life that idly walks to death. What do we want life to be? A long one that is a canvas painted in a single shade of monotony that stays stuck where it always was, or one that comes wrapped with risks?  

She gambles her time into the shadowed realm. She knows there is yet another bird just behind the wall that keeps this world separated from the mundaneness. Large flowers blossom stained with exotic vivid colors. She wants it all. 

She might die. But something calls her in. She is ready to take her chance.


Fariel Shafee has degrees in science. However, she loves to paint. She has exhibited paintings and digital art internationally. Her portfolio can be seen here:


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