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The Emerald Tablet: A Cut-up Poem

The holy speech, that which is Divine Spirit, 

the embodied Logos, is immortal.

All of nature in paragraph, 

as indeed the secret song of the soul; 

the Guide of Man is mastery 

of the earliest record of this Egyptian sage.


C.J. Lane is a Southern Wisconsin based poet who works with experimental forms of  poetry, such as the cut-up method and Surrealist automatism; furthermore, he self-published a collection of experimental poetry in September of 2023, Sacred & Profane. His poetry is  inspired by history, the esoteric and occult, especially the historical Western magical tradition. Furthermore, his work is informed by his time at Southern New Hampshire University, where he earned both a BA and is presently working on an MA in creative writing, with focuses in both fiction and poetry.


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