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Road Trip

The road ahead slithers

like a giant black serpent

in restless desert night

Fingers drum on the wheel

to the beat of his demons,

as hidden creatures howl

under the shroud of stygian sky

Years turned inside out

driving through unshaven city streets,

searching for the rainbow’s end –

just to find he’s just an extra

in a tragedy with 8 billion acts:

no standing ovations, no curtain calls

Overhead, my wings spread,

I drift content on cold currents –

a fresh kill clamped in my beak


Terry Chess's work has appeared in The Chiron Review, The Journal of Undiscovered Poets, A Glass of Wine with Edgar, and Quill & Parchment, among others. He lives in a Chicago suburb with his wife, and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, "Charlie." When not writing, he collects rare books, plays chess, and is an avid soccer fan.


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