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Of Gods and Monsters

Maybe we were better off 

When gods and monsters walked among us.

When evil walked the world, 

But we knew it when we saw it. 

And the monsters would destroy villages

But not souls. 

And the gods walked among us, 

And we knew their names and faces. 

It was humbling to walk with the gods. 

They might demand a sacrifice, 

But it was a price we could bear. 

Until we drove the gods away 

And killed all the monsters. 

But evil still walked the earth, 

And it slipped more and more into the hearts of men.

The gods no longer heard our cries, 

And the heroes all left town. 

Now the monsters walk among us 

But we don’t know them when we see them.

So we fear so much more now. 

Maybe we were better off 

When the monsters and gods 

Walked among us.


Kelly Winget grew up on the coast of Massachusetts, believing in mermaids and fairies and the old magic and never really stopped. For as long as she can remember, she’s always had stories and pictures running through her head.

She lives in the Blue Ridge mountains of Western North Carolina with her husband and their two crazy pibbles, Lou and Patch. She can usually be found dancing, playing with paint, hiking, chasing waterfalls, or seeking out the magic all around her and trying to share it with the world. She self-published her first book of poetry, art, and photography, Madness and Grace, in 2023.


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