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helen of troy as my great grandmother

she boiled rocks, you know

on the stove

to get rid of the spirits.

an image of an elderly helen of troy

one that did not disappear with menelaus

one that left algeria

was banned from france

met a husband in germany

moved to new orleans

and gave up prostitution.

hometowns 1787 miles from each other

closer to each other than i am to home

and we all know what blonde used to mean.

perhaps there is some kinship

between mediterranean women.


Abbie Hart (she/they) is a 19-year-old poet from Houston, TX currently living in Worcester, MA. She has been published over 30 times, and is the editor in chief for the Literary Forest Poetry Magazine. In her spare time, she learns useless skills, daydreams about pottery, and does her best to be a nice warm soup. Her first chapbook, head is a home, was released by Bottlecap Press in August 2023. Her website is


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