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i.  Templum

Having spilled spells 

over wine-slick lips,

the skies divide.

The augur marks

the passing of each

avian pilgrim.

From their cries

and their avenue,

he draws

portentous omens.

ii. Chiromancy

Tracing lines,

caressing each fold of skin:

swellings, valleys and plains.

Their mechanical arrangement

render predictive enlightenment.

Destiny lies in the palm of the hand.

iii. Arcana

Seventy-eight cards

combined, divided, arranged.

The interpretations are endless:

initiatory, magical, Cabalistic.

The clairvoyant defines,

reveals affirmation,

provides synthesis.

Between Meaning and Chance:

Finding significance in the tarot,

We gain an insight into ourselves.


Lee Clark Zumpe, an entertainment editor and movie reviewer with Tampa Bay Newspapers, earned his degree in English at the University of South Florida. His poetry and short stories have appeared various publications, such as Tiferet, Zillah, Weird Tales, Modern Drunkard Magazine, and Main Street Rag. Lee lives in Florida with his wife and daughter.


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