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Hanging Babylon, fig trees of dream—uncut oasis, liquor of sun. 

Perfect Babylon: a sceptre, ailing queen, a gospel of hoaxes

preachers hang from their lips; hang, Babylon— 

like illustrious light in blue.  

You died and lived again; the garlands of folklore welcomes

as the mortal instruments resent. 

A nightmare’s orange grove, the tragedy’s first words;

hang, Babylon—fruit of the hanging tree.


Venus Fung is a seventeen-year-old appreciator of literary art based in Hong Kong. Complex  literature, well-written lyrical masterpieces and deep conversations make up the bulk of her  personality; under her pen, anything could be her muse. She believes that there is a meaning  to all that exists if it is read and looked at enough times. Writing is her preferred medium of  conversation with herself, and with those who appreciate the arts within life the way she  does. She hopes to inspire, but even more so she hopes to simply be there and support those  who are struggling through her own words.


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