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Your crescent scars the abyss

where idle bodies should remain at peace.

Your light torches their ambience

a lightness akin to a swift kiss.

But yours is that of a sliver

pricking the crevice of thought,

maddening the mind to a bruise,

a cloudscape bruise

with gold peaks to taste

the sovereign libidos.

With a touch of violence,

you accentuate the airwaves

of human anatomy.

Must your ego burst so?

With a shallow trick of spine

that showers the ground with cognac,

you inflate your lust.

An amber rim swells across linen.


Evan Burkin (he/him/his) is currently working toward an MFA in Creative Writing at San Francisco State University, where he serves as an assistant poetry editor for the grad-run literary journal, Fourteen Hills. His work has been published or is forthcoming in New American Writing, Allegory, THRUSH, Birdcoat Quarterly, and elsewhere.


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