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The witch like me—the witch always sees—

The four elements in harmony 

North South East West

Skeleton fisherman 

Purges the depths.

Disemboweled home. 

A childhood tome.

Above the hearth— 

An ammo box. 

The gust of wind, the chill, the knock.


Aim it at me: 

Flintlock rifle, 

Heart-shaped bore.

Lesbian frontman 

On the pier— 

Mutter Earth.

Beneath the rim of her cap 

Two moons obscured like 

The slimy corpses in 

The burning canal.


Rose Jeanou is a lesbian writer and high school teacher based in Providence, Rhode Island. Her fiction and poetry has been featured in HAD, Wrong Publishing, Schuylkill Valley Journal, and many more journals and anthologies. Read her work at or follow her @rosejeanou on Instagram and Substack.


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