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I will tell them

about the delectation,

the solar burst of my heart:

how twice it softly jolted me

out of the sleep-verge

like a glowing end-of-summer firecracker

sprung from the place 

where my eagle’s talon had rested,

bent at waist,

eyes closed.

I will not tell them

about the two watchers

on the ski hill

that are conjured in sleep:

the ones that are taller than trees,

thrown black shadows and shapeless,

except for hunched shoulders,

singular and forever,

taking forty yards

in soundless stride.


Donna Kathryn Kelly is the author of the paranormal horror thriller, THE DESCENT: A Halloween Novel, which was a semi-finalist in the 2023 Soon to be Famous Illinois Author Manuscript Contest. She is also the author of THE CHENEY MANNING SERIES, a collection of suspense novels featuring a public defender turned amateur sleuth who investigates murder cases in northern Illinois. Kelly's poetry has appeared in literary journals and anthologies such as Bowery Gothic, Pasque Petals, Southern Arizona Press, Oakwood, Snapdragon, and North Dakota Quarterly. In 2022, she received an Honorable Mention in the 91st Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition (Non-Rhyming Poetry Category). You can learn more about Kelly and her writings


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